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    Discover How to Optimize Remote Working

    Make mobility your winning formula with Kyocera's definitive guide for businesses and employees.
    remote working ebook

    A new way of working opens the door for opportunities, but also challenges. Do you have all the tools in place to get remote working right?

    Remote working has quickly become a fundamental part of companies across all industries, and the ability to optimize this new approach to working will determine the winners and losers of the digital age.

    For those looking to make the most of remote working, it can no longer be viewed as a quick fix to an unforeseen problem or event. Successful companies will be those who integrate working from home into the very fabric of their organization. It will be the foundation upon which sustainable success will be built.

    Employees are seeking greater freedom when it comes to work and, given the rise of smart technologies, it has never been easier to work and collaborate from various locations. Done right, remote working can lead to increased productivity and employee morale. The transition will pose challenges for all companies and it will prove to be the ultimate acid test with regards their security infrastructure.

    remote working

    Free Download!

    In this 26 page eBook you will learn:

    • How to put in place a working from home policy.
    • How to deal with cybersecurity at home.
    • What an ideal workspace looks like.
    • How to manage physical & mental health.
    • The best way to communicate effectively.
    • Remote project management.

    Discover more about Remote Working

    Protect your cybersecurity, establish an ideal work-life balance and create a consistent work from home policy.

    • How to avoid common remote cyber security threats

      Protecting data in the age of remote working is one of the great challenges facing today's business.

    • Technology for remote communication

      How technology can help you communicate effectively with your organization while working remotely.

    • The importance of your at-home workspace

      How setting up a workspace can help your mental health when working remotely.

    • Four tools required for remote project management

      Making sure to implement these tools so your employees can work remotely effectively and efficiently.

    • What should a work from home policy look like?

      A clear definition of your organization's approach is essential to make remote working successful.

    • Returning to the Workplace

      With safety first, organizations must plan a strategy for when employees re-enter the workplace.

    Download our ultimate guide!

    Remote working is a challenge for us all, even more so when it’s unexpected. Learn how to perfect your remote working approach with our guide.

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