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High Volume Printing and Digital Storage Made Simple

Kyocera's technology and MyQ provides Breakwater Accounting and Advisory the tools they need.
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The Background

Breakwater Accounting & Advisory Corp. works to protect small to medium-sized business owners and non-profit executives from mistakes that come with growth. They help business owners avoid the hassle that comes with huge volumes of paperwork that slow them down and help safeguard their future.

The Challenge

Breakwater’s office equipment consisted of home-office type desktop printers. They were slow, problematic and unable to handle the amount of scanning the company needed. This was not ideal; however, these printers had the ability to transmit scans via FTP to Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3). This is where Breakwater stores and protects their data.

Breakwater required a secure method for high volume scanning without sending a copy of the document over email (W-2 and 1099 Forms, credit card statements, etc.). However, most professional high-volume scanners and printers require email or an on-site network service utilizing secure FTP to transmit to Amazon S3.

Since Breakwater does not utilize network servers on their premises, and every single one of their servers runs behind the AWS firewall, the solution would need to be capable of running in AWS.

Breakwater searched for over six months for a solution. They needed something that could run in the cloud, but also be able to scan and store directly in Amazon S3. Breakwater discussed this issue with the IT management company, Tranquil Seas, who in turn, reached out to the Kyocera dealer, Altek Business Systems, Inc. for assistance in resolving these pain points.

The Solution

Altek and Tranquil Seas Technology proposed the TASKalfa 3253ci A3 MFP since its feeder can handle Breakwater’s high scanning volume. In addition, the user-friendly, cost control and security solution MyQ was proposed to manage Breakwater's scanning workflows. Breakwater discovered that MyQ not only offered the ability to securely scan and connect directly into Amazon S3, but also to pull-print –an added benefit they didn't realize they needed. Coupled together, these solutions would provide Breakwater the ability to scan directly to the cloud and secure their print jobs.

Breakwater Accounting  & Advisory Group team members

The Results

Christopher Brooks of Tranquil Seas Technology assisted Kyocera and Altek with the installation of MyQ behind the AWS firewall. The infrastructure allowed secure scanning to Amazon S3 so all of Breakwater’s scanned financial and payroll documents were protected. Breakwater found a faster and more reliable MFP in the TASKlfa 3253ci, allowing them to replace their fleet of smaller desktop printers.

Finally, the MyQ solution allowed them to scan and connect securely without the costs of having servers on their premise.

The Good News

“Breakwater has a unique cloud-based, highly secure environment. We struggled to find a printing solution that could meet our security needs while providing us a high- performing printer and copier. Kyocera worked with our Technology Consultant to make sure that their solution met all of our security and cloud-based needs. Our team could not be more pleased with the results. They love the new printer, and its ability to meet the demands of our office has been incredible.

“When the team comes to thank you for the new printer, you know you made the right choice. We are very happy we chose Kyocera.” -Mary Hambleton, Director of Operations.

“When the team comes to thank know you made the right choice."

Director of Operations

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